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Hexbug Nano V2 (UPD: in stock)

In the past years, Hexbugs have continuously received awards and recognition for being one of the most prestigious toys. Which is hardly a surprise, considering how significantly the invention has expanded over such a short period of time. The product now comes in numerous types and ‘species', with a variety of new colours and tracks. Hexbug Nano, being the most popular of them all, has already acquired dozens of different painted shades. Special collector-cases are now needed to accumulate and store them all. To make Hexbugs a little more interesting, there are many different added accessories, such as: Christmas hats, Easter ears, terrifying skeletons for Halloween, and even zip lining backpacks.

Imagine, for a second, the first thing that comes to mind when one hears the word ’insect’? Personally, I almost immediately imagine a fly, a cockroach, an ant, or a beetle in the process of climbing up the wall or the ceiling. Obviously, our electronic insects can not do that (yet). Which is why the following invention from the developers of Innovation First gets the secret name of Hexbug Nano V2. Its goal is to help overcome the inability of Hexbugs to be mobile on vertical alleys.

Hexbug Nano V2 Black Hole

The New Generation of the Hexbug Nano V2 is presently kept in somewhat of a secret, so completely describing the new features is unfortunately impossible, for the time being. Finding any information about the new V2 anywhere on social networks (i.e. Youtube) is fairly impossible. What’s the reason of all this secrecy, you may ask. Mainly, because this new invention will be absolutely tremendous! This new labyrinth, unquestionably, will be the best toy of 2013 and the most wanted Christmas gift. In the future, we will try to reveal as many new features of the maze as possible. Stay updated on news and events by joining our conversations on www.hex-bugs.ru for an easy flow of information.

So let's begin! Firstly, here is the official website to explain the future selection of the exciting vertical mazes. Secondly, a link to the toy's thematic site for additional facts. And finally, an amateur video of the new Hexbug Nano V2 in action!

To explain a little further, let's begin with the structural elements of the maze. Although the camp site is identical to the previous version, the new altered feature is its colour. It now comes in an eye-catching orange shade while the leaf modular elements have been changed to white. It also consists of a perforated surface, to make assembly of multi-level maze games possible.

Hexbug V2 Cell

Consistently, the New Hexbug Cell hexagons are similar to older ones, the only difference being the colour.

Fasteners are now made transparent and absolutely sealed to ensure the Hexbug does not fall out of arena, while concurrently enabling the audience to see the action on the inside. Reliable hard grips will secure the maze’s durability, and the size of the path is designed in a particular way to permit two bugs to jointly move towards each other.

Hexbug V2 Tube

The horizontal and vertical transitions are tight and strong, while still allowing the walls to be transparent

The bad news for the Nano bugs is that our old beloved friends will not be able to use the new maze. They will be replaced by insects consisting of a modernized design. The few pairs of additional legs on their backs will now allow them to climb up in vertical tubes. Hexbugs will be available in 5 new colours. Which ones? Even we don’t know yet!

Hexbug Nano V2

The public can expect several modifications of the mazes, each will have its own unique characteristics, styles, and elements. All we have at the moment are just a few pictures and ideas, but let’s wait and see what the future will hold!

Nano V2 New Vertical Labyrinth

Hexbug Nano V2: Black Hole, Crows Nest, Barrel Roll, Tower Loop

When will they become available for purchase? At this time, it’s hard to say. But in between October-November is the most probable guess. We are confident that our customers will be able to buy them from us first. To learn more about Hexbug Nano V2 sales - join our group on vk.com

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